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Embedded Boards

TEIS provides wide range of Intel and ARM based embedded boards.

Smart Systems

Embedded boards are designed to match the needs of extremely demanding customers. We have a wide range of boards and embedded modules that are supported by CPU processors which are based on top of the line architechture. This line of products is extensively used to support the needs of our clients who work towards support defense systems, systems that manage automobile assembly units, health care and also in automation.

Our embedded boards are available in various form factors like PC 104, PCI 104, 2.5”, 3.5” EPIC, mITX, Micro ATX, ATX, cPCI, VME, VPX etc.

Module computing

TEIS Provides various Form Factors(SOM & COM) of Modules and carrier boards like SMARC, Qseven, ETX and COMe

Ties Provide various form factor of rugged Modules for rugged applications. This product is provided to our customers to support them in customizing their systems to their requirement and demand. This helps them obtain a long-term availability without replacing the existing mechanical enclosure.

TEIS provides small form factor boards.

The perfect solution for applications such as Robotics, Drone, Machine Vision, Smart Home, Education, Digital Signage, Intelligent Cars and Internet Of Things (IoT) solutions. The computer board for Professional Makers and Industrial Applications.

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